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Scenic Bus Tour #1

Parsons to Canaan along Rt. 72 and River Rd. & the Dryfork River

and OtterCreek Wilderness Area,Waterfalls & Swim Holes

With large touring windows in every direction, let us do the driving and you and your group can enjoy the sites and each others company.

We will drive slowly, stop often, plan scenic breaks to enjoy snacks and drinks,

and keep the whole agenda fluid to the will of the parties on tour!


The world is but a canvas to our imagination.

-Henry David Thoreau

This trip is really spectacular.

Includes:  Short Hikes, Swim options, Waterfalls, Extensive River Drive, Creeks, Cave, Picnic Spots, Immersion to experience all of it!

  • Narrow roads lined with extraordinary natural attractions that can be enjoyed in or out of the water.... as a spectator or as one to get wet!  Frequent stops.

  • Spring / Summer / Fall only during non-snow and non-ice conditions.

  • We begin by passing through Parsons on Rt. 72 towards Canaan.... we parallel the Dryfork River for much of the tirp. 

  • We have a short stop and hike at OtterCreek Wilderness area where we cross an amazing swinging cable suspension bridge and have a short hike along spectacular OtterCreek where it empties into the Dryfork River.

  • We learn a bit about the history of the OtterCreek Boom & Lumber company that logged here more than 100 years ago and ceased operations by 1914.

  • Then we continue on Rt. 72 to River Rd. where we drive on narrow roads along the river and stop at waterfalls, swim holes, a cave, and creeks and streams coming off the mountains.   Swim options and water playtime included.

  • We then enter Rt. 72 Towards canaan taking some gorgeous back roads to re-connect to Rt. 32 and back towards Davis and Thomas.

  • As your guided tour guide, I will show you the best perspectives, hidden trails, stunning landmarks and scenery that you may miss on your own.

  • We can also diverge and continue to follow the Dryfork into the towns of Gladwin and Jennerston and make our way back up gorgeous back roads towards Canaan.

Bring swim trunks and water shoes.... can change in the bus.

Fixed price for 4 to 5 hours:  $300 -- Max. 12 passengers. 

Cars may follow for larger groups. 

Bus can be used for food and drinks and changing area for all.

Some sites you will see along  the way

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