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Kennedy Falls

On the Blackwater River and Blackwater Canyon Trail

Kennedy Falls is perhaps the most spectacular of all sights along the Blackwater River.  Problem is, it's not easy to find or get to.  The trail that leads to the Falls is difficult to find and difficult to navigate with steep, slippery sections at points.   But, for an adventurist with decent endurance and use to hiking crazy trails, it's not so bad.

With its cave like carve out behind the curtain of falls, and huge deeper pool in front of the falls, it's really a stunning site and experience.  Although people do jump from it's 30 foot high top tier, I don't recommend it.  But it is fun to watch for crazy thrill seekers who are sure of the deep waters locations as to where it's "safe" to plunge.

Not for the out of shape or folks afraid of steep crazy trails.   A great swim hole however!!

See Services page for pre-packaged tours or create one from the gallery photos within.

Kennedy Falls Gallery

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