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Swallow Falls

Swallow Falls State Park west of Oakland MD

You won't find a more dense array of spectacular scenery including waterfalls, stunning forest and canyon trails, then Swallow Falls State Park just 40 minutes from Thomas.

This park includes a canyon trail hike along the Youghiogheny River which include both upper and lower falls.  Also Muddy Creek Falls -- at 63 feet, the highest waterfall in the state of Maryland.  And then, Toliver Falls on Toliver Creek -- just gorgeous.  Add to all fo that virgin hemlock forest, spectacular river and waterfall canyon trials, and just breath taking scenery in every square foot of this amazing state park. 

Unrivaled for a 100 mile radius in my opinion.  

And I'll be your tour bus driver and tour guide on this 4 hour total journey.

See Services page for pre-packaged tours or create one from the gallery photos within.

Swallow Falls State Park Gallery

Swallow Falls Gallery

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